Tuesday, 25 October 2011

1 Murid 1 Sukan

Friday, 21 October 2011

My table tennis equipments

 Butterfly Photino, DHS Hurricane III Neo (FH),Butterfly Sriver EL (BH)

The Photino is a blade designed for the highest standards of play. It has been extensively tested by many professionals and features Butterfly’s technical innovation, the use of ZL Fiber. ZL Fiber is lighter in weight and harder than even Carbon Fiber. At the same time ZL Fiber is more flexible than Carbon Fiber and holds the ball a little longer, allowing for maximum spin to be created. (http://www.butterflyonline.com/online_store_productcloseup.asp?page=search.asp&srch=photino&type=1&ID=107)

Rated as soft feel, fast 5-ply composite blade. Thickness is around 7.0mm, specifications weight of 88g. Head size of 157mm x 150mm. FL handle is 100mm x 24mm. (http://eshop.butterfly.co.jp/html/item/001/002/item1443.html)

I purchased at the end of 2009. Photino is a blade can loop very well due to dwell time,excellent control for being so fast. I am using Butterfly Photino with Hurricane 3 Neo on forehand and it's really good in control, loop, and counter loop with great power and spin due to the zylon fiber construction.

Butterfly TBBS W7, Butterfly Sriver EL (FH),Butterfly Sriver FX (BH)

During speed glue era, Butterfly Sriver EL and Butterfly Sriver FX is my favourite. 

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